We can help to engineer the solution. Then we can design the components, sub assemblies and complete project. Bringing your idea to life. Welding, machining, assembling.


From Concept to Delivery we can help with the design and manufacturing engineering of your tooling project.

Machine Build

From simple limit switch controls to multi process systems run by the latest PLC and PC controls we can bring your concept to reality.


Robotics, simulators and automation of sets, figures, or machinery.

Precision, Quality, Honesty
Custom Fabrication, Fixtures, Machine Building, Tool & Die

C & M Custom Fabrication is Tom Martin and Brian Cohoon. A partnership that brings together over 50 years in the Tool & Die field, Machine Building, Jigs and Fixtures. Experience with all major CAD/CAM software packages. Experienced CNC Programming and operation.  We have worked in commercial manufacturing, stamping, die making, aerospace tooling and fixtures, and aerospace assembly operations. PLC installation and programming. Experienced in fiberglass layup work and finishing. We have an extensive network of experienced professionals in a variety of specialty fields. This includes metal finishing services, heat treating, precision grinding, media blasting surface preparation, 3D printing, and paint work including detailed air brushing.

Tool & Die